Is Saturday Yours?


Saturdays are for you. For your family. For your hobbies. For your rest.

And this isn’t a new idea, right?

I read this incredibly poignant article the other day that reminded me of the importance of seperating work from rest. Rest is what allows you to do your best on the days you do work.  But it is a decision, and for those of us who are type A doers, it is a legitimate challenge.

Finding time for rest and getting back in touch with the high value things in life (that are not your business) can be particularly tough if that time isn’t planned and accounted for. In our family we spend many Saturday mornings making (and eating) pancakes. It’s unintentionally become our darling little tradition, but at this point, skipping it would be noticeable. For me, it’s a great way to start the weekend off focused on my husband and children by doing something that I know we all love. Easy conversation, mellow tunes, and that first bit of Saturday sunshine.

Committing to time away from the smart phone is harder still if you don’t really believe it will benefit your business, even if it could be a win in your personal life. If you are so hard pressed to find the time you really need and deserve (and that your family deserves) try looking outside yourself to delegate the parts of your business that don’t speak to your expertise. Maybe it’s social media. Could be marketing. Maybe you haven’t found a way to stabilize your passive income, which would free up extra funds to invest in your expansion plans. Whatever that thing is that you can send out– consider it. Need help deciding where to outsource? I would so love to have that conversation with you.

Life is short and the pancakes are waiting to be griddled.


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