Meet Kate

Hello,  I’m Kate. I’m so happy you’re here.

So, how do you know if you’re in the right place? I work with small businesses to provide analysis of existing practices and make recommendations for improvements.  My specialties are data-driven decision making and new revenue identification. I come to work with a tool box packed with a decade of experience, an advanced degree in Information Management*, Data Science certification and an attractive track record.

I’m rooted in Upstate New York with a family a four (five if you count our dog). I’m a big believer in the appreciation of all four seasons. I like Spiel des Jahres winning board games, flavored seltzer, Neil Young on the record player, and well organized closets. I’m also into reading and painting.

And you?

You own a business. Or maybe you have a portfolio of businesses. You might have hobbies, but unfortunately you don’t have enough hours in the week for leisure time. So correction: you once had hobbies. You have staff who cover day to day requirements, but it still doesn’t free you up to pursue opportunities. You don’t have the mental space to strategize, and  you’re starting to realize that even if you’re succeeding, you’re missing out. Can you relate?

You see, you and I need to talk. We’re a match. Drop a line right here.

*The current U.S. News and World Report ranks my grad school alma mater, Syracuse University’s School of Information #1 in Information Systems in the nation.

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